How to wear a women’s suit for your body shape

How to wear a women’s suit for your body shape

November 1, 2018

I remember the first time I saw Emma Watson wearing a suit. I loved her outfit, she looked super chic and modern. I was impressed by the way the suit fitted her body shape! Without a doubt, Emma knows how to wear a suit and make it look balanced, eye-catching and perfect for her figure.

Well… to be honest, she is not the one who decides what she is going to wear. In order to achieve those astonishing looks, she counts with professional’s help. Rebeca Corbin-Murray is her personal stylist. Thanks to Rebecca and all the other celebrity stylist, we can see those perfect looks of celebrities that make us sigh.

The best fashion stylists around the world assure that one of the most important things to take into account, when it comes to having a perfect look is: the fit. But, it is not possible to achieve a good fit, without knowing what’s your body shape.

I want you to achieve those breathtaking looks too! That’s why I wrote this useful article, where you’ll learn how to wear a women’s suit for your body shape. I hope you enjoy it!

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Women’s Suit for a Round Body Shape

Avoid body-hugging or loose-fitting silhouettes. Both of them will make your body look wider. A regular fit is perfect for you. Neither slim nor oversized.

Everybody knows that Monochromatic suits in dark colors will make your body look thinner, but if you love pastel or vibrant colors, choose the best fit possible. Check the following looks, they are amazing!

Nude pointed heels are your best ally when you want to look taller and thinner.

Avoid maxi prints for the suits.

Women's suit for your body shape
Photo 1: Trendy Curvy Photo 2: Color me Courtney Photo 3: Hayet Rida

Women’s Suit for a Rectangle Body Shape

If the size of your shoulders and hips are the same and your body looks visually balanced you have a Rectangle Body Shape. The only thing you need to emphasize is your waist. In order to make your waist look smaller, try cut to the waist suit’s jackets. Avoid straight cut suits.

Women's Suit rectangle body shape
Photo 3: Ekaterina Mukhina

Women’s Suit for a Pear Body Shape

You have a Pear body shape if your legs and hips' size are wider in relation to the size of your shoulders. That’s why you need to be careful with the pant’s cut you choose. Try straight cut pants, avoid oversized pants and skinnies, they will make your hips and legs look wider.

If your bust is small you can wear double-breasted jackets.

Try jackets with pronounced shoulder pads, they will make >your shoulders look wider in relation to your hips. You’ll have a more balanced figure as a result.

Women's Suit pear body shape
Photo 1: Naomi Campbell Photo 2:Hailee Steinfeld Photo 3: Giorgia Tordini

Women’s Suit for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape if your shoulders size is wider in relation to the size of your hips and legs. You are the opposite of the pear body shape. Avoid jackets with pronounced shoulder pads, these will make your shoulders look wider.

Try single-breasted jackets, to make your body look balanced.

Straight cut pants are a good option for you.

Women's suit for your body shape
Photo 1: The August Diaries Photo 2: Hailee Steinfeld Photo 3: Julia Sarr-Jamois

Women’s Suit for an Hourglass Body Shape

You have Hourglass Body Shape if your body shape is balanced, the size of your shoulders and hips are the same and your waist is defined. You must keep the balanced shape of your body wearing slim or regular fit suits. Avoid loose-fitting suits.

Women's Suit hourglass body shape
Photo 1: Miroslava Duma Photo 2: Giorgia Tordini

BONUS: Women’s Suit for Petites

Pants that end at the top of the ankle, or a little bit shorter are a good fit for you.

The sleeves of the jacket should end around the wrist bone.

Wearing monochromatic suits won’t split your figure visually in different sections. They will make you look taller.

Nude pointed heels will visually elongate your body.

Wear a tailor-made suit. Avoid oversized suits, they will add volume to your figure, and as a result, you’ll look even shorter.

Try printed suits with vertical thin stripes patterns. Avoid maxi prints.

Women's suit for your body shape
Photo 1: Marta Carriedo Photo 2: Sazan Hendrix Photo 3: Damcel in Dior

BONUS: Women’s Suit for Tall Women

You can wear a grand variety of women’s suit styles. You can wear oversized suits with vibrant colors and maxi prints.

Try different styles of shoes, like sneakers, low heels, high heels, even ankle boots.

Women's suit for your body shape
Photo 1: Miroslava Duma Photo 2: Runway Manhattan

As you can see, there are many different body shapes that have special needs to make them look visually harmonic. That’s why it’s important that you know your body shape and how to take advantage of it.

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