How to Look Feminine or Boyish Wearing a Women's Suit

How to Look Feminine or Boyish Wearing a Women's Suit

October 1, 2018
Women's Suit feminine or boyish
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Do you know who was one of the first women to wear a suit? She lived in a time where women wearing masculine garments, like pants or suits, was inconceivable. This brave woman was capable of defying the standards of her time. Her modern, simple and functional approach, continues nowdays. Her name is… Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.

That makes me think that we are very fortunate to be living in this era, we can feel free to dress the way we want! We are free to choose to look femenine or boyish. We have endless options to dress whatever we want and express who we are through the clothing we choose to wear.

What kind of girl are you? Are you a “Girly” girl? Or kind of “Boyish”? Or maybe you want to be a balanced mix of both? I don’t know that. But I’m sure you’ll find this article useful! Let’s learn how to look feminine or boyish wearing a women’s suit. I hope you enjoy it!

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How to look feminine wearing a women’s suit

If you want to look feminine wearing a suit you need to take into account the cut of the suit, shoes, accessories, and hairstyle.

Body-hugging Suits

Try suits that define your body shape. Especially the ones that make your waist look smaller , this is the most feminine part of the women’s body. Avoid jackets with a straight cut.

Feminine women suit
Photo 1: Mary Orton

Always High Heels!

Try high heels. Avoid sneakers.

Women's Suit feminine
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Feminine Hairstyle

Try high and low ponytails or buns. If you want to look taller try high ponytails. Avoid sleek hairstyles, shape your hair with natural-looking waves, there’s nothing more feminine!

Feminine Hairstyle


Try high-end elegant necklaces.



Try bows instead of ties and suspenders.

Photo 1: Mary Orton Photo 2: Julia Hengel

Suits and Bralettes

Another cool option is to wear a bralette underneath the suit. These are special to create sexy and feminine looks. If your breast is big it’s not the best fit for you.

Suits and Bralettes

How to look boyish wearing a suit

In order to look boyish, you need to wear clothing with masculine cuts. Take into account to adapt them to your needs. Keep reading, I’ll show you how.

Masculine Shoes

Try Oxford shoes, they have a masculine design and they will get you a boyish look.

Women's Suit boyish
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Try sneakers with a suit. Sneakers will make you look casual and sporty chic.

Women's Suit boyish

Boyish Hairstyle

Try sleek hairstyles, like sleek ponytails. Another option is a mohawk hairstyle.

Women's Suit boyish

Try Wearing a Tie and Suspenders

The tie should be thin. Don’t wear wide ties! they will make you look heavy and make your face look wider. The same happens with the suspenders they must be thin. Thin suspenders will make your torso and your figure look stylized. If your breast is big , suspenders and ties are not a good option for you, they will make your bust look bigger.

Women's Suit boyish
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Be who you are, and be happy being you! I hope you enjoyed this article!🙆🏻

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How to Look Feminine or Boyish Wearing a Women’s Suit
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