How to Wear Stripes

How to Wear Stripes

April 19, 2018

Have you heard about the myth that stripes are unflattering? yeah, it could be true in some way, but I’m gonna show you some tricks to look thinner while you enjoy wearing stripes.

The secret to looking great when you are wearing stripes is to find a balance. Balance is the key! How do you create that balance? adding volume only where is needed, the contrary will result in a disproportionate body. Check the following tips out!

Balancing your body with stripes

Do you want your breast to look bigger?

Then, wear shirts, sweaters, and jackets with wide horizontal or vertical stripes. Read how to make your breast look bigger for more tips.

Striped Jacket
Photo: Courtney Kerr

Do you want your hips to look bigger?

Then, you need to wear skirts and pants with wide horizontal or vertical stripes.

Striped Skirt
Photo: Wendy

 Tips to look thinner wearing stripes

Wear thin-striped prints

They will make you look chic and modern, this is a fabulous print that will not add any volume at all!

Striped Jacket
Photo: Soraya de Carvalho

 Choose shirts and blouses with simple designs

Oversized garments with stripe prints are not a good mix when you are trying to look thinner while wearing stripes. Choose simple and minimalistic designs for your blouses.

Striped blouse
Photo: Sheryl Luke

Wear your stripes with a dark cardigan

It will have a visual effect that will make your belly look thinner.

Striped Tee
Photo: Christine Andrew

 Wear a dark blazer with your striped shirt

Blazers have an amazing structure that will make you look taller and thinner, the form of your shoulders and waist will be more defined. Avoid wearing straight blazers. The darker the color the better.

French striped shirt
Photo: Wearing it today

Use high heels to make you look taller

It’s not a secret that heels make us look thinner, so if you like to wear that striped shirt and you want to look taller and thinner, high heels are always a good option.

Striped sweater
Photo: Christine Andrew

Wear vertical striped prints

The vertical stripes pattern shouldn’t be wide, choose thin patterns.

Stripes pants
Photo: Jay Miranda

As a personal conclusion, I firmly think that the most important thing you need to take into account when you’re choosing an outfit is to really love the clothes you own. It doesn’t make any sense to follow these rules is you don’t feel comfortable with the garments you wear! so, make a conscious decision of what is the image you want to project, and wear those garments that really make you happy!

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How to wear stripes
How to wear stripes
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